We ask all band families to participate in music department fundraising to the best of their abilities. Thank you.

 Spring Plant FUNDRAISER!!

Just in time for Mother’s Day!  All plants are only $25 each and are sourced from a local nursery.  Delivery will be Friday, May 6th.

Choose from:

Combo Color Bowl Pot

Million Bells (Calibracoa) Hanging Basket

Combo Hanging Basket.  Mix and match for beautiful blooms!

Contact your favorite music student and let them know which plants you’d like.  If you don’t have a favorite music student, e-mail and we’ll find one for you!

To pay for the plants:


Spartan Music Boosters has joined Great Lakes Scrip to offer a “no-selling” fundraising program that enables families to raise money for the Music Boosters and your student account.
What is Scrip?
Scrip is just another way to pay for your everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards. You purchase gift cards at full face value through or, and Great Lakes Scrip Center obtains those cards at a reduced price. The difference is an instant rebate for Spartan Music Boosters. It’s really that simple! Great Lakes Scrip Center offers hundreds of the country’s biggest retailers, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, home improvement, and more. Just by using Scrip to pay for your normal weekly purchases, you can easily raise $500 or more per year. It’s time to put your shopping dollars to work!
How does Scrip help me?
Spartan Music Boosters keeps a 1% rebate on all purchases and then shares the rest with you. For example, if you buy a $100 card that has a 4% rebate, you get a $100 certificate to spend at full value, and Spartan Music Boosters gets $4 from GL Scrip. Spartan Music Boosters keeps $1 and $3 goes to your student account. Student account balances may be applied to fall band fees, parent t-shirts, student trip costs, solo/ensemble competition fees, honor band auditions & expenses, and approved educational musical activities.
When can I start? 
You can join the program NOW at Use this enrollment code: E7C4529863938
Set up a PrestoPay account to link your Scrip account to your bank account. There is a flat $0.15 transaction fee for every Scrip order.  We will not accept cash or check payments. GLScrip does not accept credit cards because credit card transaction fees decrease the rebate, which would eliminate many cards from the program.
Order ScripNow electronic gift cards that you can view and print from your account or show on your phone to scan at checkout. We are not offering physical gift cards or re-loadable cards at this time; be sure to only select from ScripNow cards (over 400 stores offered).
Start your back-to-school shopping! There are great rebates at Macy’s (10%), Old Navy (14%), Under Armour (11%), American Eagle (10%), Sierra Trading Post (7%), Zappos (8%), and many more stores. You can even pay your Kohl’s charge card balance at the store with Kohl’s Scrip (4%). You can eat out, get your home projects done, take care of your car, feed your pets, put apps on your phone, play video games and go to the movies – all with scrip! Browse the possibilities here:

Click here for the Scrip delivery waiver form.

What if I have more questions? 
If you have questions about the program or your enrollment, please email our Scrip Coordinator, Kristan Buck, at

Thank you for supporting Spartan Music Boosters!


Spartans Music Boosters has contracted with BHS athletics to work the athletic gates as a group fundraiser. Our group will earn $1500 for the general music fund by working all of the Fall, Winter, and Spring athletic gates. Please click this link (to come) to sign-up for dates you can volunteer. Thank you in advance for helping us earn money for the music programs at BHS!

There are two types of fundraisers, individual and group, we will be using throughout the year to help support our band booster budget, trips and new items for the band.


Students will earn funds in their individual student accounts which are maintained by the Spartan Music Boosters by participation in certain fundraisers. Student account balances may be obtained by contacting the Spartan Music Boosters Treasurer (

  • Fundraisers used to build individual student accounts:
    • Event Gate Workers Event Gate Workers Sign-Up
    • King Soopers reloadable gift cards are available year-round. Your gift card, received through the Music Boosters, will receive 5% back on all re-loads and is a simple way to put money directly into a student’s account. Cards can be used at the gas station or at the grocery store. Contact Suzy Bullett directly or comment here if you need one (or two!).  For more information, please refer to this file: King Soopers Gift Card Fundraiser Info.
  • Fundraisers used to build individual band and color guard student accounts:
    • Student account balances may be applied to fall band fees, parent t-shirts, student trip costs, solo/ensemble competition fees, honor band auditions & expenses, and approved educational musical activities. 
      • Poinsettia Sale -November/December
      • Spring Flower Sale – April/May
  • Fundraisers used to build individual choir student accounts:
    • Christmas Wreath Sale -November/December
    • Popcorn Sales – Throughout the year at sporting events
    • Singing Valentines Sale – February

 GROUP – SUPPORTS ALL MUSIC STUDENTS by supporting our current budget

Students also receive lettering points for attendance.

  • Fundraisers used to build band & colorguard group accounts:
    • Music & Dogs Fundraiser at King Soopers
    • Fall Leaf-Raking
    • A & W Night
  • Fundraiser used to build music department group account:
    • SnapRaise to come Fall 2017.

Possible NEW opportunity in 2017-2018 in all areas of fundraising.

In addition to student-involved fundraisers, the Spartan Music Boosters applies for grants and receives donations.

Click this link to view the current Band Wish List February 2017

Tax-Deductible Concert Program Support Levels Available

Concert Program Sponsorship Ad space is closed for this school year. Program sponsorship will be offered again this summer for the 2018-2019 school year.

The community is invited to join together and support your local Berthoud High School music program by purchasing a tax-deductible concert program support level for the 2018-2019 school year. Your sponsorship will help enrich the high school music experience for the students beyond what can be achieved through school district funding alone.

Campaign Goals:

  • Continue funding master-class series enrichment program
  • Replacement and repair of school instruments
  • Provide extra funding for performances and trips

Support Levels

Level 1 Prelude: up to $99

  • Recognition in concert programs throughout the 2018-2019 school year

Level 2 Sonata: $100-$249

  • Business Card (3.5”w x 2”h) ad in concert programs throughout the 2018-2019 school year

Level 3 Rhapsody: $250-$399

  • Quarter page (4”w x 5”h) ad in concert programs throughout the 2018-2019 school year
  • Link to your business webpage from

Level 4 Concerto: $400 or more

  • Half page (8”w x 5”h) ad in concert programs throughout the 2018-2019 school year
  • Link to your business webpage from
  • One ½ hour performance at your business function
  • 4 VIP tickets to each concert


Proceeds fund Mixed Choir, Show Choir, Concert Band, Marching Band, Color Guard, Orchestra, and Jazz Band at Berthoud High School.