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Friday, July 29 at 5:00 at BHS.

We’ll be grilling hot dogs and eating outside, so bring chairs or blankets.  Everyone is invited!

Please sign up and let us know what you can bring to share! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C054EA9AB2FA64-bhsmarching


Tuesday, August 23, 2022 6:00 pm
at the BHS Band Room – All are welcome!

Upcoming Events


Plan for the summer!

July 25-29, 2022 – Marching Band Camp

8:00 – 4:00 each day.  Will be held at BHS.

Be prepared with: water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, hat/sunglasses, sturdy shoes (no flip-flops!), sack lunch, a lyre to hold music, and your instrument.

News and Info for Fall 2022
Hello Marching Band Students and Families!

The Marching Band staff has been hard at work preparing for our season and we’re really excited to build off of last year’s success as we move forward.

Please read through all of this information as it will save time and answer questions you might have later.
Important Dates, Class Schedule, and Fees

July 25-29* Marching Band Camp 8am-4pm

*Marching Band Camp (July 25-29) is the most important time we have together. It’s when we refine our
marching band technique, improve our musical skills, and begin learning our halftime show (which we
take to competitions). Students that can’t make camp will be too far behind to catch up.
Dates for Marching Band Camp were first released in January at Choice-In Night and again at
Freshmen Orientation in February. Students that cannot attend Marching Band Camp cannot be in
Marching Band. Email with questions/concerns – sean.hedding@tsd.org
Marching Band is a co-curricular class, meaning, we meet not just during our 1st period class time, but
also outside of school as an activity. In addition to our normal class periods, marching band has
required attendance at-
● Friday night football games, and any parades
● Monday night practices, 6pm-8:00pm
● Wednesday night practices, 6pm-8:00pm
● Saturday morning practices, 8am-Noon
○ There is no Saturday practice on Labor Day weekend (Sept 3)
All of these attendance-required events are entered as grades in the gradebook.
Students MUST be enrolled in the Marching Band Class/have it on their official school schedule.
PE Credit
Our School District grants ½ a PE credit for participation in Marching Band (so 2 years of Marching
Band = 1 PE credit). By default, all students will receive this PE credit instead of an arts credit, as most
students will take Concert Band in the Spring and get their art credit then.


Fees and Shoes

This year the fee is $200 for returning members, $160 for new members (this is to help ease the purchase of new marching shoes for each student which are $40 each).
What does the fee cover? What is my money used for?
SO MUCH! Fees pay for: competition registration fees, food at competitions, sheet music, copyright permissions, student show shirts, transportation, equipment truck rentals, color guard flags and costumes, instrument repair, instrument purchases, and clinicians. Truthfully, the Music Boosters
heavily sponsor the Marching Band as $200/student doesn’t cover all of our expenses.

Fees are paid to the Spartan Music Boosters, Inc. and are due in full on Friday, September 2nd.
● We request that the first $100 is paid by the first day of Band Camp (July 25)
● Music Booster student account money CAN be used to cover the fee, just email our bookkeeper to let her know this is what you want to do- hmfranks@msn.com
○ Every fundraiser we do we split the profit between the music program and student accounts. Participating in fundraisers really does directly help your student!
Need assistance with the Marching Band Fee? Please contact me: sean.hedding@tsd.org
Money should NOT be the reason to not participate in Marching Band!

How do I order shoes?
EASY! Just fill out the marching band registration form and let us know your shoe size. The Music Boosters will order Marching Band shoes on your behalf and will hold them until we receive the $40 payment.
I was in Marching Band last year, do I need new shoes?
If they still fit and look good, then you’re good to go! No need to order new shoes!
Aren’t they just black shoes?!
Nope! Marching Band shoes are actually specially designed for the activity; they have specially designed slanted heels to make it easier to march and play at the same time, and are designed to give extra traction on grass and artificial turf.
Can I buy them on my own?
Sure! Go to www.bandshoppe.com and find the Black SUPER Drill Master shoes.
● Do this ASAP! Sometimes shipping can be slow.
● Please stick to this brand and design of shoe, so we all match.
○ Just because something is on Amazon doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. =)
Need financial assistance to purchase shoes?
Email me! Money should not be the reason to not do Marching Band.
What else do I need for Marching Band?
● Always wear good athletic shoes. NO SANDALS. EVER!
● A water bottle, preferably 40 oz. or bigger, and insulated.
● Sunblock!
● Hat and sunglasses
● A lyre for your instrument (this holds your music for football games) AND flip folder to hold your music
○ You can buy these at any local music store or Amazon

Or type:
Or scan:
Please feel free to email me with any questions!
Sean Hedding, MM
Director of Vocal and Instrumental Music

*A full fall schedule with Football games will be provided at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Aug 3 Marching Rehearsal 6pm-8:30pm
Aug 8 Marching Rehearsal 6pm-8:30pm
Aug 10 Marching Rehearsal 6pm-8:30pm
Aug 15 Marching Rehearsal (First Day of School 9th grade) 6pm-8:30pm
Aug 16 First Day of School (all grades)
Aug 17 First reg. Wed. Night Rehearsal 6pm-8pm
Oct 1 Legend Marching Festival All Day
Oct 17 CBA Regionals All Day
Oct 31* State Championships* All Day
*If we qualify
Dec. 10th Berthoud Winter Parade Evening, time TBD


See the Fundraising page for Scrip, a new fundraising opportunity.


If you are on Facebook, please ask to join the Music Department’s Facebook page:
Berthoud High School Spartan Music!


Committee Volunteers will be needed to help in all areas of the Berthoud Music Boosters for the upcoming year



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Upcoming Fundraisers:  Plant sale – just in time for Mother’s Day!!

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  • BHS Event Gate Workers: Builds the general Music Department’s account.
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